2024 Keynote – Joe Toscano!

A native Nebraskan, Millard West graduate and UNL alumni, Joe Toscano is an award-winning designer, published author, and international keynote speaker who left his role consulting for Google because he felt the industry was misusing data and that the issues needed to be addressed through innovation rather than strict regulation. Since leaving, Joe has written a book, called Automating Humanity, and has started DataGrade, both focused on increasing technology literacy and purpose-driven innovation. You may have seen Joe featured in The Social Dilemma or  his TEDx Talk, “Want to work for Google? You already do,”

Keynote: Invisible Threads: Data Privacy in an AI Era

In an era where personal data flows ceaselessly through the labyrinth of the internet, preserving privacy has become an unprecedented challenge. Through vivid anecdotes and real-world examples, this talk will unravel the intricate connections that link individuals, platforms, advertisers, and more, exposing the ecosystem that sustains our online interactions and drives business value. By understanding the risk and value embedded within these invisible threads, businesses can derive the optimum value from their data while actively contributing to a digital landscape where privacy is respected.

Key points:

  • Understanding the Ecosystem: Highlight the intricate interconnections that weave through the digital realm, connecting individuals, platforms, and businesses in a complex web of data exchange.

  • Data as the Currency of the Digital Age: In the modern digital landscape, data is akin to currency. Just as money can be misused, mishandled, or stolen, data can be similarly exploited, emphasizing the critical need to treat it with the same level of vigilance and protection as any other valuable asset.

  • Deriving Business Value While Protecting Privacy: Shed light on how businesses derive value from data while emphasizing the importance of responsible data utilization and privacy preservation for sustainable growth and ethical practice.

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Fall 2024 date has been set!

You asked for the day after Halloween due to many schools using it as a set inservice day – we listened!

The dates for the Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference will be Friday, November 1, 2024. See you there!

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